Technical translation is committed to Accuracy, Speed and Low Cost.

Accurate technical translation

Accuracy is vital in technical translation

We have been providing accurate technical translation to companies, large and small, national and international, for 25 years and over that time we have become one of the leading technical  translation companies in the UK.

We have been able to build up a very large team of translators, each of whom specialises in a relevant technical field, some for heavy engineering, others for the latest programs in IT, yet again we have translators for industrial chemicals and then other translators for the most advanced nuclear physics. Medical reports can also be translated by medical specialists. Legal and financial translation is also covered by some of our specialist translators.

Many of our translators have had practical work experience in their technical field. The big advantage of this work experience is that they know the vocabulary in both languages – and they know how everything works.

If German translation or Korean translation is required, or Spanish translation or Chinese translation, or practically any other language on the planet, we have translators who can use their practical experience to provide a good translation, using the correct technical vocabulary.

Quick translation


Speed is of the essence for our customers

How can we supply a translation so fast? There are two different requirements for a quick translation. The first requirement is the practical working experience of our translators, which enables them to translate without having to consult a dictionary for the field concerned. They know what they are writing about.

The second requirement is that  the very latest translation memory programs are used. These programs can reduce the time required for a translation by up to 50% and the benefit to the customer is that the translation is delivered more quickly - and at lower cost to the customer. These translation memory programs use a glossary which is kept confidential and assigned to the individual customer but which translates any repeated sentences automatically, thus saving time and cost.


Low Cost translation

Cost is reduced by our speed

We have already seen that the advantage of using very specialised technical translators is that they can produce the translation more quickly. As in every service business – time saved is cost saved – and the reduction in our costs is passed on to you, the customer.

Our company supplies one of the  lowest cost professional translation services in the UK.

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