Desk-Top Publishing, using the program that you require

Document Translation


Our customers often want the page layout of the translated document to be identical to the original.

This does not happen automatically, because some languages use different characters from the Latin characters that are used in European languages. For example, Arabic translation uses Arabic characters and sometimes they require more space than the European original.

In order to provide you with an identical page layout we also have a DTP (Desk-Top Publishing) department which provides a "turn-key" service. Your translation can be returned in almost any format. We use the following programs:


One of the great advantages of using DTP for your fast technical translation is that you do not have to cope with any language that you do not know, so the chance of your text being incorrectly located is avoided. If you use our DTP services, the layout of your foreign language translation will be exactly as per the original version.

Please send us your source text in any of the above formats, and we'll send you a quotation.

For more information, please contact us.