Our translation service takes all our customers' requirements into account

What is technical translation?

Translation is basically used to change text from one language (the source language) to another language (the target language). This has to be done in such a way as to retain the meaning of the original text and also to incorporate any nuances in that original text. Every language reflects the culture of the country in which it is spoken and a translation must take into account the culture of the country where the target language is to be used..

For a technical translation to be translated into UK English, for example, a UK translator is selected for his or her knowledge of UK English terminology, spelling and local technical culture whereas for America, a US translator is chosen for his or her knowledge of US English terminology,  spelling and the local US culture. The same applies, for example, to the French language, where Belgian, French or Swiss spelling and terminology is used and also in similar cases for other languages which are used in more than one country.

Our translation procedure

After a document is received from our customer, a careful check of the original document is made, followed by a decision on the technical or scientific field concerned.  The original (source) text is than passed to a translator who specializes in that field. All our translators are subject to a testing procedure, so we can select a translator who can deliver a text which is faithful to the original document from both the terminological and the linguistic/cultural point of view.

Translation pre-check

Before starting the translation, specialists on our team first carefully read through the original document to check on any doubts there may be concerning the text (terminology, method, DTP, etc.). On rare occasions there may be inappropriate vocabulary or mistakes in the original text. We check these items with the customer.

We maintain contact with both the customer and the translator during the translation process. This communication is necessary to make sure that our translation is up to our recognised high standards.

Our technical translation team


Technical Translation Ltd has a team of specialized, approved translators who have been working for us for many years. Each translator works only into his or her native language and our translators are selected only for work which falls within his or her specialised knowledge. We need to ensure that the translator is entirely conversant with the field involved.

For larger projects, a team of technical translators is selected to work closely with our own specialists in order to make sure that the translation provided to the customer is harmonised as regards the terminology, page lay-out,  titles, style, etc. Our Project Manager will supervise the  translators and take care of vocabulary harmonisation.

Additionally, we currently use the most up-to-date translation memory software to ensure that the completed work has consistent vocabulary.

Each customer has its own translation memory which is kept strictly confidential. Memories are also up-dated on a regular basis and are passed to translators during the project. Our translators are also required to keep all translation memories strictly confidential.

Technical and Scientific Translation

Each of our translators has to be able to keep up with the latest developments in his or her chosen subject. Our translators make sure that their knowledge is always developing and that they are able to follow the latest trends in industry, technology and science.  They are happy to be able to deliver translations which use the very latest terminology.

We also have technical translators who specialize in patent translation and these translators have experience accumulated in the field of the science or technology concerned, enabling them to use the correct terminology for patents.

A technical translation glossary for every customer

Companies very often use their own in-house technical vocabulary, and in that case we create a technical glossary for every customer. This ensures that we use identical terms in subsequent translations. Wherever possible, we use the same translator for a particular customer. Often translators specialise in only a few fields of technology, science, law, finance, etc. - usually because they have had practical experience of working in that particular field. These translators are the most valuable for us and for you, the customer, because they have precise knowledge of the "ins and outs" of that technology or profession and they have full knowledge of the specialised vocabulary in both languages.

For example we have people qualified for technical professional French translation and of course other translators with similar qualifications in other languages, and we ensure whenever possible that we use the same translator for the same customer.

Translators with correct scientific knowledge

Wherever possible, we use scientifically qualified people as translators. This ensures that our scientific translations are perfectly acceptable to our customer. Technical Translation Ltd. most often uses translators who have first-hand experience in the  scientific field concerned. These translators are also some of our most welcome recruits, since among our team we have specialists in astronomy, biology, botany, entomology, forestry, geology, hydraulics, ichthyology, linguistics, mathematics, medical science,  microbiology, mineralogy, nanotechnology, nuclear physics, pathology, petroleum, physics, robotics and seismology - to name but a few!

Translation and Technology in Industry

We have a very wide range of technical translators for industry. We have specialist translators in all  these fields: agricultural tractors, agricultural machinery, automation, automotive engineering, aviation, chemistry, construction machinery, cutting tools, digital measuring, digital machining systems, ecological systems,

EDM machining, electricity and electrical power plants, electric motors, electronics, fluid power, gas turbines, hydraulics, hydraulic presses, IT (information technology), ISO9001 quality assurance, quality management, laser technology, linear actuators, linear motors, machine tools, MAG welding, TIG welding, mechanical engineering,  medicine, micro-systems,

CNC machining, numerical machining systems, nuclear power plants, numerical control, organic friction, plasma cutting, plastics,  polymers, process control, process engineering, pharmaceuticals, quality control, renewable energy, robotics, software, space industry, spark machining, tool making, water jet cutting, welding, wind turbines and many more fields - industrial  technical translation is our speciality.


Technical Translation Ltd has a vast team of technical and scientific translators able to translate almost any text into their own native languages.. In addition to that we have our own legal translation service and also a range of translators who can translate financial texts into their own native languages. These translators include the following:

English translation,  English to French translation, French to English, Italian to English, German to English, English to Spanish, Dutch to English, English to Portuguese, English to Russian, English to Czech, English to Serbian and from and into all the other languages of Eastern Europe.  Chinese to English, Chinese to Japanese, English to Japanese, Japanese to English,  Japanese translation, Dutch to English, English to Portuguese, Scientific translation, Arabic translators, English to Arabic, Arabic to English, and all the languages of Scandinavia, the Middle East and the Far East.

We can also provide certified translation services, legal translation services and medical translation services.


Translation and proof-reading form a close connection. In addition to arranging for the systematic proof-reading of our translations  (included in the price of the translation), Technical Translation Ltd can also provide a proof-reading service for documents which have been translated by other companies or by freelancers. This service is quite separate from our normal translation service and invoicing is by the word or by the hour. Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

Sworn Translation

In some countries, a sworn translation (by a legal translator appointed by the Court) is necessary for official formalities. Technical Translation is able to provide these sworn translations to private individuals and also to companies. Please contact us for a quotation.

In the United Kingdom, translations can be notarised by a Notary Public, usually present in a law firm. Please contact us for more details.

***NEW service***

Web Site Design, Translation and Localization

The Internet is a wonderful means for companies to make themselves known to possible customers in their own country and in other countries in the world. We can provide translation and localization of your web sites. Not only do we translate your website into the language you require, we also change certain parts of the translated text so that that anybody reading the translated website in the country concerned feels that the language used is natural and that the nuances local to that country are used.

A website translator needs careful training, not just for the foreign language concerned, but also so as to acquire the ability to respect and, in certain cases, to amend the original localization, so as to correspond with the country in which the translation is going to be used.