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How many words can one translator produce per day, on average?

  • The type of text and the type of file will affect this, but a translator can usually produce about 3,000 words per day.

We have a large volume to be translated and a very short deadline.

  • That is not a problem - we can create a special team of translators - and they will be translators who specialise in your subject. One of our Project Managers will supervise them and he or she will be responsible for creating a glossary of repeated terms to ensure harmonisation of terminology. The translators will work together and also with the Project Manager to make sure that your translation is of the highest possible quality.

Can an English translator translate a document from English to Spanish?

  • There are some translation agencies who pass translation jobs to translators whose native language is not the target language, but we at Technical Translation have never done that and we will never do that. It is of course possible that a translator may understand and speak a foreign language more or less perfectly, but he or she will never be able to master all the nuances of that foreign language and this problem will show up in the translation.

Is my next set of documents going to be translated by the same translator?

  • To ensure that the vocabulary is the same as that used in the previous translaiton, the same translator will be used.

We've got some documents to be translated and the content must be kept strictly confidential. How can we do that?

  •  All our translators observe the strictest secrecy. This is a rule for all of them.. For additional security, a document signed between your company and Technical Translation Ltd. will confirm this. Our translator or translators responsible for the translation of your text will sign the same contract. 

Some languages are in used in several countries, but variations occur. What can TTL do about that?

  • TTL keeps a database of all our translators. For example we have a list of Spanish translators who were born and educated in Spain - and another list of Spanish translators from South America, broken down by country. An English to Spanish translation for Mexico does not necessarily use the same words as are used in Argentina.


  • The same applies to  Chinese translation. A Chinese to English translator on the Chinese mainland translates Mandarin, for the most part, using simplified characters, whereas a Chinese translator in Hong Kong or Singapore translates traditional characters (and speaks in Cantonese).